Moped Fuel - AVGAS?

All, thought I would start this in a new thread, with my sons moped purchase i'm wondering what fuel you recommend.

Reason i'm asking is I have access to high-octane aviation fuel (AVGAS) which I have switched into all my small engines (chainsaw/mower/power washer...) as it does not have all the additives and ethanol that eats away at the rubber hoses and messes up the carb. Does anyone run this in their moped or see a reason why we should not?


Re: Moped Fuel - AVGAS?

My concern would be that high octane fuel would burn incompletely in the low compression moped engine thus causing increased carbon deposits wearing the engine prematurely. Removing ethanol from pump gas isn't that difficult nor is replacing what little rubber fuel related parts there are on the moped.

Re: Moped Fuel - AVGAS?

If i build up a kitted motor i like to use 101LL

the lead helps keep the piston cool its kinda expensive and your friends behind you might suffer brain damage....but I think its worth it

Re: Moped Fuel - AVGAS?

It is just a moped. In my experience, the quality of oil is more important.

Re: Moped Fuel - AVGAS?

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Eh, incomplete combustion leads to carbon deposits. The purpose of higher octane is to resist detonation. Am I missing something?

This of course is assuming stock configuration.

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AVgas is not really necessary, but if you can find regular ethanol free fuel that is for sure worth using.

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Wear and tear of running gas with ethanol is miniscule compared to the cost and hassle of getting ethanol free gas.

I don't care if there's a gas station next door, and the price is really good - the supposed damage you're doing to your fuel lines and carburetor is so slight.

So much more likely that you're going to need to clean the carb due to sediment (which ethanol gas can exacerbate, sure). So much more likely your hoses and gaskets are going to fail due to heat cycles and oxidation. So much more likely your petcock is going to fail because petcocks suck.

But for the cost of ethanol free gas... if it makes you feel good, do it. I run premium for no goddamn reason.

I work for a scooter manufacturer, and handle parts and warranties. If ethanol fuel was an issue, we would change fuel line material, gasket composition and carburetor design - but shit has been the same since the 70s.

It's just mopeds. Drop $30 a season for carb gaskets, petcock and fuel line if you want. You can run regular gas with impunity AND ward off all the other fuel supply demons that aren't related to ethanol gas.

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COst and hassle is not worth it as there is zero gains with avgas in a moped, less power because the antiknock in the avgas makes it a slower burn.

Crack pump gas if you are somehow convinced that the alky in the fuel will somehow ruin a engine.

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todd amundson /

I run AV when racing. The local airport sells it out of the pump as long as you put it in metal containers. It’s cheap and has a splash of lead in it. I consider my race engines to be pretty high in compression. I have not found it slowing me down.

Mainly use it exclusively in two motors for consistency


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mopeds R brain damage

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