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> Ryan Graeme Wrote:

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> If any of you can get the chance, watch 'Guy Martin: TT Closer to the

> edge'. A great film about a British TT rider, who is somewhat

> unconventional. You guys may need to have his accent translated!

Here's the movie trailer :

Here's the movie :

Re: Isle of Man TT

I've seen it before, but watching the runs in the rally cars and bikes are so much better. There's a great one of a guy doing the IOMTT in a WRX and he goes into detail about how challenging the course is, and really interesting stuff about the car and the research done to have it perform at it's best.

Re: Isle of Man TT


Re: Isle of Man TT

Watch the documentary that covers the Dunlop brothers, lots of TT action

Riding the courses under 40mph average on anything but a bicycle is an insult. Lol

My GPR has 70cc / pipe, speed verified @ 74mph, completely capable bikes!

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