the Snail Hunter strikes again

I met up with a Honda Elite scooter (a snail !) on the road this evening.

No competition.

I rounded a large corner on the road and up ahead somebody on a ped or scooter .. (too far ahead.. I couldn't tell) ..pulled out and was headed the same direction... I was at top speed and closed up on'em fast as they stopped for a light... as I get closer.. I see a long blonde pony tail... (hmmm maybe its a cute girl ! )... they turn R at the light... and head up a light hill... I can see its a scooter now... I turn the corner and began closing up the hill ... (hmmm this thing isn't too fast)... then at the top of the hill I hit my top speed and roll past... awww.. its a guy... shit .. then I leave him behind as we head downhill a bit...

I should have slowed and checked out his ride... so now I pull over and let him catch up and look it over as he goes past... Its a Honda Elite... In good condition.. I follow to check his top speed and he can only do 25mph... something must be wrong with it... then his cooler on the back slips sideways and is hanging off the side... I pull up to him at the next light and point out the cooler and ask him how old the Elite is... "Its new... well.. I got it last year".

I think he was drinking .. he acted kind of slow-brained.

Being a fairly new scooter... I was surprised it was so slow.

Its always fun to be faster.

Re: the Snail Hunter strikes again

Oh yeah.. I did 50 miles tonite.. real nice weather for riding.

I don't really like the PA50II cylinder on my motor as much as my older PA50I cylinder with some light porting.

The I had more top end... the II won't pull the upshift at all... it just flattens out and drones along... the I would hit the upshift and then pull it some on flat ground.

Re: the Snail Hunter strikes again

david f martin /

I was challenged to a race a couple of months ago by a couple of kids riding a Tomos. I didn't feel like fooling around with them (I was ready to get home), so I grinned and shook my head (No thanks), and left them sitting there...

Now that the weather is getting warm, I'm seeing lots more mopeds and scooters, and an awful lot of them run like crap.

There used to be a moped shop here in Greenville, SC, but I don't think it's there anymore (they aren't in the phone book, anyway).

I should offer to fix up a couple of them, as a side job. I fix sewing machines for an upholstery shop occasionally, too. I've got the tools, and I could probably clean out a corner at the VW shop where I work... Hmm... We've got commercial accounts with a couple of local machine shops, too. Now I'm really starting to think about it...

I might have to pester you for some advice occasionally...


Re: the Snail Hunter strikes again

im gonna try to put 138 miles on my avanti tomorrow, gettin up at 9am and riding till 7 or 8pm, i wanna break this thing in so bad! the tank is 2.5 gallons, so im pretty sure i wont need to fill up at all (filled it yesterday, its still up to the top now). put about 90 somthing miles on it today alone, explored all the lil backroads and those remote country roads that just go on forever, those things are the best.


Re: the Snail Hunter strikes again

Hey Fred, don't pick on a restricted elite, just think what would happen if my elite were to pull up to you, remember we race our mopeds at the track, now guess what's under my hood. lol

Re: the Snail Hunter strikes again

david f martin /

Andy, what've you done with your Elite? How fast? I drive an '87, and it's pretty fast, stock. I'd like to spend some money on it, whenever I get some...


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