Puch Maxi Carb problems?

Mitch Buchannon /

I have a 1978 Maxi that's been giving me problems for some time now.

The first problem is that the spark plug gives out on me about every 20-30 miles. I'll be riding and the engine will just quit. After I replace the spark plug, it starts right up like nothing ever happened.

The second problem just started a few days ago. It has been accelerating very slow and losing all it its power when I start to go uphill. When I give it full throttle, it bogs down and if I hold it like that for too long, the engine quits.

I'm guessing both problems stem from an issue with the carb. I cleaned it out and replaced the old gaskets with new ones. That didn't help too much. Then, I replaced the old main jet (#66) with a smaller one (#58). I thought that it might have been running too rich, but that didn't help either.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what I might try next?

I forgot to mention that I cleaned out the exhaust pipe and port as well. No luck there either. I don't know where to go from here. Please help.

Re: Puch Maxi Carb problems?

did you notice if it made any improvement at all when you got the smaller jet? if you didnt spray carb cleaner all around the carb with the engine running, if the sound changes there is an air leak around the carb

Re: Puch Maxi Carb problems?

wait nvm, a leak would make it lean not rich, sorry

Re: Puch Maxi Carb problems?

Mitch Buchannon /

What jet number should I be using. I currently have a #58. It's a 1978 Maxi-Luxe. Thanks.

Re: Puch Maxi Carb problems?

Ron Brown /


The correct jet is not allways the same from one ped to another.

Read Fred's guide under Resources, Articles. Then do a plug chop.


Re: Puch Maxi Carb problems?

Clean your exhaust!! I have the same problem and I've found that it's just the exhaust getting clogged up really easy. I bought a Bi Turbo which has helped the problem.

Re: Puch Maxi Carb problems?

Check the 3 numbers on the outside casing of your carb, then go to RESOURCES, ARTICLES, BING CARB NUMBERS. Match the three numbers with the list and it should tell you the proper jet for your carb

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