Sears SR125 Restoration

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Hi All!

Since this ins't exactly a moped I figured this was the best forum to post a build thread in.

So a short history; I received this motorcycle probably 2.5 years ago from a really nice guy in NY who just didn't have the funds/means to finish it. The PO drove it all the way from NY to CT knowing I would take care of the build and keep the bike for myself, not a flip.

As you can see from the photos below it has a nice patina and was seemingly used for maybe 2-3 years after the Original Owner bought it and then stored it. The engine was unfortunately seized up but the rest of the bike is in pretty darn good shape.

The chrome is pitted and the throttle assembly is frozen but the brakes worked amazingly.

I'm hoping to go through this like a barn find moped, taking care of safety pieces like tires as well as rebuilding the motor. This weekend the plan is to do some slight disassembly and cleaning of the bike to get it ready to accept the rebuilt motor this winter (assuming Motorwest gets back to me I hope to rebuild the motor over the winter).

The motor was really messed up. Piston was seized so badly in the cylinder it had to be pressed out and the cylinder had to be TOTALLY restored. They bored and sleeved the cylinder to match my new piston as well as added material and resurfaced the cylinder and even added a piece of fin back. It needed A LOT of work.

Things stalled a bit after that as the owner of Motorwest is ill and has fallen behind in orders, as well as the crank they sent me was unusable due to damage , so that needed replacing.

I hope you guys enjoy the photos and this build. It wont be a often updated build until I get the engine parts but I will post more photos after the clean up.

I got really lucky with this bike in that the seat AND tank are in amazing condition and don't need any restoration at all. Tank looks like it has never even been used inside.

Also worth noting this will be my first real motorcycle and I hope to learn how to ride using it!

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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