plug fouling out{ Puch}

i have spark,but as soon as i put the plug back in it will start for a min.then fouls out.The plug is black. i cut back on fuel ratio and still does it. 3cap per gal.

thanx Dan

RE: plug fouling out{ Puch}

Ron Brown /


Your problem is not too much oil, it is too much fuel/oil mix relative to the amount of air. You could have a sticky or sunk float or a blocked air passage in the carb or your choke could be partially on. If you have an idle mixture adjustment, this could be set too rich.


RE: plug fouling out{ Puch}

mopeddler /

you need to rebuild your carb (new float,needle, gasket}. i have a moped store and would be glad to send you any puch parts you need. you can also call my store and talk to my puch expert dave.941-627-6600. or email me at

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