In search of decals

My girlfriend bought a Targa out from under me (still kinda mad) as her first moped. She got a great deal on a clean complete runner, but the Decals on it are bugging her. They show their age and are peeling and cracking so she is looking to replace them. Unfortunately Treats doesn't have these specific decals and I'm looking for a source. Either someone that makes them or knows somewhere to buy these specifically


Re: In search of decals

Personally I dig that kind of look on my older peds. But I am sure some crafty designer could mock some up for ya. Some really good photos and measurements will help.

Re: In search of decals

Pushrod Fifty /

A vinyl lettering shop can cut them. I saw the same bike out riding yesterday.

Re: In search of decals

Jaxx and girlfriend- Oh there is a New Topic Thread right there:

Great crap inventory in the back of a truck:

The bowling pin, moped, glove, ( one only - right hand ), little gas can ( ? ) I can't make out much else, but bowling pin and moped is a superb start. Well done !

Re: In search of decals

Message Chris Prestopine aka 9golfgl0 he made some pinto decals that are perfect.

Re: In search of decals

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