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Glenn Atchison /

Greetings all!

Ive been browsing this site for awhile and finally decided to join. I havent bought a moped yet, but plan on doing so real soon. Im in North Carolina where pedals arent required, therefore I want a moped (noped) without them. I have looked at the tomos line and I like them for the most part, but wanted to see if there are any more brands that come without pedals. Any guidance would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance

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david f martin /

Nowadays, more bikes are built without pedals than with. Find some bikes you like, post on the forum to see what others have experienced with those brands/models, then decide what to buy. I'm assuming you're looking for a new bike....

Don't exclude scooters (I'm a scooter freak, now)... You'll get lots of help, regardless which bike you decide to buy.

The Tomos Revival is a good looking bike, but not too fast, and you might hafta wait a year or two to find performance parts for it.

Don't get an off-brand, at least without some research (lots of them are copies of name brands). Parts will be harder to find for them, and quality control will not be up to par.

There are lots of good older bikes, too. See what others on this forum are riding, so you can get some technical advice. You will probably pay a lot less for it, but you'll have to work on it, too. That's not really such a bad thing, to know how your bike works.


Re: Mopeds w/o pedals

InfectedBootSector /

A good, high quality bike like the Honda Metropolitan would be cool for ya. WHile a bit pricey, it is equipped with many features that are sure to be seen on future small displacement bikes. The braking system is cool... as well as the new motors they are using.

Re: Mopeds w/o pedals

BUT, if you want a Moped, not a scooter, and you're going to buy new, I would suggest a TTLX, Targa, or other TOMOS machine.

I had a new TOMOS drop-shipped to me in 2000. I couldn't have been happier.

I had a targa.... very pleased with the bike.

Ask Ike when he's back. He knows his stuff and sells new peds. (on vacation)

Re: Mopeds w/o pedals

InfectedBootSector /

Yes.. Tomos is the way to go... Ike can set ya up, and they are awesome bikes for the price!

Re: Mopeds w/o pedals

If you look around at some of the older Tomos mopeds they often had optional pedals. Craig Black of the Decepticons has a 1988 Tomos Bullet with a kick-start instead of pedals.

The term noped has been popular around this forum, but I've actually seen documentation of them being called "mo-kicks". The term seems popular especially in Germany.


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I had seen that term.... never really realized the Mo-Kick was we call a no-ped.

I'm not sure I like that term.... Sometimes I have to kick my bike....even then, it won't run.

Another time, a guy gave my "mo" a "kick" and I had to beat him up.

Around here... Mo-kick should be any moped that you keep trying to start.... then kick it in disgust and go back inside.


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I was pretty much leaning towards the tomos anyhow. I like oil injection, and would prefer turn signals as I will be teaching (not much to teach) my girl friend to ride also. I looked at the honda metropolitans, and even though you wouldnt turn the handle bars all the way in one direction while riding, they did touch my knees when turned extreme left or right. The only complaint I have with the tomos is some of the styling. I dont like the way the fairings on the Targa and Targa LX have the faux windscreen (by the way I am extremely anal). I also think that they could have made the Targa LX a little smoother looking as far as the body work is concerned. I find the Puch maxi korado extremely well designed in the looks dept. but I havent seen anything about a kick option or oil injection. I read on one page that the Flexer was coming here soon. I like its frame better than the other Tomos models. I dont really know what its options are either or whether or not it is coming here.

Rambling brought to you by:


Re: Mopeds w/o pedals

I don't like the Tomos style myself, not the new ones anyway. You might try to get a hold of the Tomos Classic, which gets rid of a lot of the plastic add-ons that you find on the other models.


Re: Mopeds w/o pedals

try to get an urban express everyone says those are nice

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