commuter forks

what kind of forks do you guys like to run on commuters? hobbit ebrs are real expensive but there are some cheaper hercules ones. just don’t know if those would fit. what have y’all done?

Re: commuter forks

Terbo Speghetti /

If you want em to be good and you ride on bumpy/poorly maintained roads, I suggest going for the EBRs hydraulic forks.

And measuring to find out if they fit is pretty simple, do you have a set of calipers? That's the first step in the process. $10 at harbor freight or online

Re: commuter forks

Dirty30 Dillon /

EBR hydro's are the standard fork upgrade.

Some of the nicer EBR springers are also like super nice stock forks that aren't 40 years old and seized, so I wouldn't rule them out.

For a commuter, I would just run some beefy springers and be done with it. Less weight, less moving parts. IT's just a moped.

Re: commuter forks

thanks guys! :)

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