Help a brother out ! Suzuki FR80 I think or Fr50

nick cruz /
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I just bought this clean 1 owner fr50/80 I say that cause the information I could find said the birdies are fr50 but the motor and trans case has a stamp of fr80 then a vin. I don't know the year but it has the older speedo with just the N no fuel light on this one . I don't think the vins match from the frame neck .. or if they are supposed to. Also upon further inspection the stator wires were cut from the harness and tucked up in the frame to look like it's connected :/ Also the spark plugs threads were stripped too :(....

My question are dose any one have a wire diagram? or know where to get one or even a manual for this odd ball in the states... The information is far and few on this honda Cub knock off. I have the wire diagram from the fA50 that I also have and love and it's similar but not the exact same . Also where is the CDI located on this bike . I assume the blue wire leads to it but I can't find a small box anywhere.

I included a picture of the wires that are snipped

I can re attach the stator yellow blue black and green that seems easy enough. But I have no clue as to what wires are for the batt. I see a black with an fitting similar to my negative on my fA50 batt. Harness. Dose the red batt wire connect to that Double connection also any one have a clue as to what the other wire may go to ?

Thanks for any help also lesson learned .. dont buy something that will end up costing u more in the long run.. lol.. j/k I enjoy working on them just prefer to know the issues ahead of time

Thanks for any input guys (edited)

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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