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Anybody had success with a trailer/tow rig behind a moped? I’ve seen tripeds with hauling capacity but figured others have tried this with more typical bikes.

I’m dreaming of towing a small smoker. Picture food truck, but on a smaller, moped friendly scale.

Re: Trailer?

If small enough, maybe, seen those bicycle kid hauling trailers adapted to mopeds...

Re: Trailer?

Check out all the sick trailer hitch parts they have on puchshoppe

Those Europeans got it going on.

Re: Trailer?

8 Years ago I built a trailer out of mostly recycled crap and it is still going strong...

Just need to be careful if you plan on loading it with considerable weight to check into the dynamics of the trailer because momentum behind you can effect the ride of the bike considerably.


Re: Trailer?

EH 📣FCC of the QCB /

Whoa! That is awesome Reb! Such a cool bike and trailer combo.

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