honda pc50 question

philippe govaert /

I would like to have some information about mij honde pc 50. I bought it a few months ago but i don't know of which year he is. it has the same description as the pc 50 on this sight but it has also "legprotectors". if someone could tell of which year he might be and some more info, i would be very happy. please mail

your mopedfriend

RE: honda pc50 question

There's NO way to tell what year the old Honda's are from, it doesn't say anywhere. What I do know is that it's old, most of them where made in the early seventies, so it's probably older than 25 years.

P.S. Are you Dutch by any chance?

RE: honda pc50 question

Ron Brown /


My Hoda ID guide says the "PC50 LITTLE HONDA" was released 3/1/69 and sold fin 1969 and 1970. Frame: PC50-1060413~ Engine: PC50-1000001~.

Hope this helps.


RE: honda pc50 question

philippe govaert /


yes i'm flemisch, i'm from Belgium. Thanks for your reply. How did you gues that i was dutch. Is a honda pc 50 typically for my arria?

Where are you from and what 's your moped?

greetings your mopedfriend phil

RE: honda pc50 question

Nee, een typische spelfout die je eigenlijk alleen maar kan maken als je Nederlandstalig bent.

Ik woon in Amersfoort (Nederland) en ik ben een beetje een Honda viertakt mafketel. Ik heb een SS50, een PF50 en een C310a.

Ik heb ook een internetsite over viertaktbrommers



RE: honda pc50 question (france)

je me permet de vous ecrire car je viens d'en aquerir une et je cherche un manuel.. ou des conseils pour l'entretien.

Aussi j'ai un probleme, lorsqu'il est froid j'ai du mal a la demarrer et il cale au moins deux trois fois avant de tenir..

Si vous pouviez me conseiller ou me diriger vers un site je vous en serais tres reconnaissant.


mes plus mobs salutations.

Re: honda pc50 question

There were 2 models of Honda PC50 (in England, in Holland there were several different machines with different forks).

The first model introduced in 1968 was an Overhead Camshaft Engined model, this has an aluminium cylinder head, and the exhaust comes out on the left hand side of the cylinder head and goes across to the right hand side of the machine, this machine was produced until 1970 when it was replaced by the PC50K1 model which had an Overhead valve engine with the valves operated by Pushrods, this machine has a cast iron cylinder head, and the exhaust comes out of the right hand side of the cylinder head and exits on the right hand side of the machine, this machine was produced up until about 1977.

On the early PC50 machine the rear sprocket is held on with a circlip, on the later PC50K1 machine it is held with three 8mm nuts.

The early machine did not have a very strong engine and not many survived.

I have one of each of the PC50s (I have been to France on each of them for the Sars Poteries rally) and I also have two P50s with the engine in the rear wheel.

Check out the National Autocycle and Cyclemotor Website on

I hope this has been of some help


Re: honda pc50 question

hello, i recently bought an old moped not even knowing what make it was.

I now know that it's a honda pc-50, that later version you mentioned. I think it's a '78 or 79. Being an amateur, i have no idea what kind of oil to put back in the crankcase/tranny. Also, i can't seem to get the thing to fire. Any suggestions? Thanks

Re: honda pc50 question

I think I got some of the jist of Ivo's Dutch, and most of the French. Bienvenut, mes amis! Parle vous espagnol?

Yo tengo una motoneta Bianchi 1977. Soy boliviano, pero vivo en EE.UU. Es muy genial que tenemos participantes internacionales en este forum del Moped Army. Algun dia, quisiera viajar por los paisajes europeos con mi motoneta ... Saludos desde Kalamazoo!

RE: honda pc50 question

my uncle brought the honda pc50 in 1976 he rode it for about 1 year and then just put it in the shed,he then gave it to me in 1997 which i did up and rode for 2 years.

I still have the bike its in reasonable condition and in working order it just needs a little tlc could you plase tell me how much its worth roughly or where i can find out this imformation thankyou for your help


Honda PC50 for sale

Dayna Capewell /


HONDA PC50 1972, moted, good running order for year. reason for sale move. Offers over


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