Ebr forks help

Could someone let me know what size but these are. I've tried a few and can't find the right size.



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Sorry spell check screwed me. I meant to say bolts.

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Probably m5x1

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M6 x 1 doesn't match. I also tried imperial stuff

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Mine have threaded holes, m6x1. Did someone ram the wrong bolts in or are they from the factory like that?

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Re: Ebr forks help

The forks come like this from treats


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Dirty30 Dillon /

It's definitely just M6x1.

Although they're starting to look pretty muckled from your attempts

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To add to the M6 vote I’ll say something to maybe fix your situation.

You can’t get a bolt back in that spot, but you can cut the stripped bolts off. You’ll have to cut new M6 all thread to the perfect length and use something to temporarily support a nut inside that fork leg while you screw the threaded rod in from the outside. Then proceed to use as normal.

Way more tedious. So long as you aren’t taking that stabilizer-minifender off very often, it shouldn’t be a pain more than once.

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Thanks guy's it all worked out. I thought they were black bolts. The paint on the threads was really robust

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