sach's speed sprocket

Kevin Barrans /

does anyone know where i can find a speed sprocket for a 79 westlake? are they available? has anyone tried it?

Re: sach's speed sprocket

.......try they have some sprockets for sach''s in german .........but you can kinda make it out................................

Re: sach's speed sprocket

Haven't tried it yet, but most of the shops in resources section could help you. Call them and describe what you have, wether it's a spoke rim or a mag, and how many teeth you want. Also, make sure they know you have a 2 chain wheel. You may have to measure your bolt spacing for them, and the size of your center hole, and any offset.

The easiest way would be to send in your current one, so they can match it perfectly. I personally like handybikes- they know a lot about sachs. Some of the Puch ones are the same and will swap over.



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