must have more power

I have a 78' honda hobit and I can only get it up to about 20-25 mph. I have taken off the muffler and got it really hot in some red hot coals and then banged it out, but even though a lot of crap came out it did not seem to increase the top speed. I dont know what else I can do to make it go any faster.

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david f martin /

Fred can answer this better than I can, but yours is probably a PAI, and that's as fast as it goes (I think) without mods.


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First look behind the headlight on the steering head.. and see what it says... PA50I ?... or PA50II ?

A Hobbit PA50I only does about 21mph stock.

So... if you want to do mods... then you can use the 'search' button above and type in PA50I and you will find lots of mods to get it to go... but it won't be free.

A PA50II does about 28mph stock.. and with Proma pipe does near 40mph.

The difference between a I and II is the ... cylinder , reed valve, carb manifold, carb jetting, muffler, variator roller weights, and variator ramp plate..

... the rest seems to be the same.

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jesse smith /

I checked and my ped is the PA50II.

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How many miles do you have on it? Have you cleaned the carb, points, air filter? New spark plug? How's your drive belt look?

Go through all the basics, then if you still want more speed, do some mods.

Do a search for "variator ramp mod" and you'll find some instructions on modifying your variator. A lot of people go with a Proma Circuit exaust from <> With shipping it'll cost you about $95US. Atleast that's what I paid for mine about a month ago.

There's tons of information on this forum, be sure to search it thoroughly.

Good luck, and let us know how it's coming along.


olympia, wa

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jesse smith wrote:


> I checked and my ped is the PA50II.

Well thats interesting... I didn't know they had the PA50II all the way back to 1978.

... Jesse... here is what I would do then... If you can afford it... get the Proma pipe for it... and hold off on the variator notch mod.

(the variator is the pulley on the left side of the motor that the belt rides in)

Let me be the guinea pig on the variator notches... till I get it totally figured out..

... the variator notches in a way permanently 'harms' the part... and in my case the roller weights flew right out... in GK's case they got stuck and he said he had to weld it to fix it... I think it also causes more wear and damage to the roller weights... it also means the spinning pulley is probably 'out-of-balance' and gives more vibrations to the ped.

Get the pipe and you'll go 35 or so with good acceleration... by then I may have the right variator notches shape figured... (I am thinking 2 smaller notches in place of one large notch)

Re: must have more power

jesse smith /

ell it looks like I've done all the adjusting and cleaning that I can do. I took apart the carb and cleaned it, I checked the points and cleaned them, I have heated up the muffler and cleaned it out, everything seems to be in working order, except the air filter. I cant seem to be able to get to the air filter. I want to clean the air filter but it seems to be impossible to get to it ( any ideas?) But I am going to order the Proma pipe, hopefully in the next week or so.

But thanks for all the help because I really did'nt know anything about fixing my ped before I started talking to you guys, and now it's running smoothly.

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