Minarelli P1

Got this from italy today.

1960s Minarelli P1, 49cc, single speed, manual clutch.

Top end is exactly like the V1. Same head, cylinder, ports, stroke, etc

So I can put a kit in it with no modification and bolt it to something and have a real clutch.

The black knob on the top twists and locks it into neutral for easy pedaling.

Needs external pedals to start it, or bump start.

Super simple design, half the weight and 2/3 the size of a V1.

Probably could convert a V1 by swapping the clutch shaft. Not that I'd want to, but It has the same clutch bell and clutch, but the lever activates a spring loaded shaft by lifting up the four pronged spacer thing to disengage it from the gear.

That means no centrifugal clutch slip, and could do wheelies and burnouts with a kit on it.

Pretty neat piece of Minarelli history.


Re: Minarelli P1

Here's how the clutch works


Re: Minarelli P1

So cool. I want one!!! Be nice on the minarelli trike I'm gonna build

Re: Minarelli P1

Check eBay italy. I got mine for $110 shipped. Took 2 months, though.

Re: Minarelli P1

Wait, what? That doesn't make any sense. Does it have a centrifugal clutch inside the bell?

That throw out bearing used for the starter clutch in a regular v1 is marginal enough already, can't image it being used all the time with a manual clutch.

Re: Minarelli P1

Yeah, I know what you're saying. I haven't popped the clutch apart to check how that works. There's no starter clutch. So...

I gotta go pull that thing apart. Curiosity is killing me.

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todd amundson /

So you have to use two fingers to shift? Wait, how does the clutch work? The pictures don’t tell me anything. I must be retarded still.

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Ok, so it's a centrifugal automatic clutch. The first P1s in the 50s had a manual clutch. This one is from 63-68 (ish) and has the regular centrifugal clutch.

So that kinda blows for my wheelie-ing bike, but whatever.

The motor lock-out thing is pretty cool, though. That's what my fingers are showing. You twist a knob and it disengages the front cog from the motor, so you can pedal it without drag.

It also doesn't have a perch for the clutch cable housing stop. That's mounted on the frame.

So basically I have a weird motorized bike motor or a museum piece.

Unless I find a 1966 cimatti velocim.


Re: Minarelli P1

Looks like it would be perfect for some kinda vintage bicycle-y thing like that other build you did. It's cool that it's a vintage looking motor but can take all the conventional v1 performance junk

Re: Minarelli P1

dang, that's neat

Re: Minarelli P1

Yup. I'm already looking at all my old bikes and figuring out what I'm going to use it for.

It's in really great shape, too. Really clean inside. Same seals as the V1, so an easy rebuild.

Funny thing, is it was supposed to come with a pancake exhaust. It arrived in the USA from Italy in July, then the tracking just stopped.

Found out from the postman that it had to be repackaged because the box was soaked with oil and it smelled like gas, so by whatever postal rules apply, they opened it up, took the exhaust out, reboxed it and finally sent it to me.

It still had a bunch of oil in the case.

So moral of the story, if you're shipping an engine, drain the oil first, and wrap it in plastic.

Re: Minarelli P1

Dirty30 Dillon /

You're really lucky that the jabroni who shipped that with oil in it didn't get the whole thing sent straight to the trash

Re: Minarelli P1

It wasn't full, but still had maybe 2oz in it.

But yeah, after two months, I figured it was lost forever. Or some moped guy who works at the dock stole it.

Re: Minarelli P1

I finally got an update on my E50 case I got from Treats.

Shipped July 15, just now left Chicago. Usually takes another week to get to Germany from there.

So, it may be 5 weeks for what used to take 5 days.

Still I’m happy.

Keep that 2oz of aged Italian oil. Like balsamic vinegar, just drizzle a little on engine parts you want to add some class to.

Re: Minarelli P1

No thanks. It smells like captain Lou Albano's armpits.

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