[Tomos A35/Quadro] Help with model year/reading VIN

Robert Polenius Andersson /


The problem(long) (see below for short)

Some years ago(10+ years) when my grandfather passed away were I given his Tomos A35/Quadro.

It haven't been used since for more than a couple times every second year.

I've started repairing it and therefore using it more and more.

To be able to use it am I needed to get an insurance for it.

The insurance companies in Sweden doesn't want the VIN for registration but the year the moped were made. This is an issue for me since I don't know when it was made, I've asked my mother and she thinks it was bought in the middle of the 90's. However, I need the actual year.

I've seen tips that I should look for a year-stamp on the bottom of the speedometer, however this have been replaced.

I've read in an article that i can see the year by reading the VIN, however the VIN is only 6-digits on all the locations I've found on the moped(on the back and on the front of the frame) and not the full 12 or 17.

I've attached some photos of the moped in hope that someone can help me! :)

The problem(in short)

How do I find out the year that my Tomos were made?

The VIN is 6-digits(both in the back of the frame, and in the front) and I don't know how to get the other 6(or 11) digits/letters to get a full 12/17 VIN.

See attached images.

Images (to many to attach, so I uploaded them to imgur)


I really hope that someone are able to help me!


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