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G'day to you all. So now a Rizatto Califfo Deluxe is in care of me...Its a beautiful machine. Its mint with 99 miles now. But as new as it is it leaves me frustrated. Why? Heres why? Well I assume the ped can go at least 30 mph since the speedo reads 40 max. Well at just 20 mph it bogs and doesn't go beyond 20 untill........I removed the air box from the Dellorto carb leaving the air filter still intact. From this point it did take off. I think I reached a very smooth 34 mph. Much faster than my Puch Maxi. It felt a little too fast. (I'll get used to it). Is this practice gonna kill my engine? Should it be running that fast with the air box left on. I mean it really shouldn't need any adjustments. I though that after I cleaned the thank it would run fine. So......will my engine survive?


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clean your air filter. this behavior mens that your running rich. if cleaning your filter doesn't help, you have to rejet.

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99 miles...

Hey.. don't run without an air filter, and for god sake don't run over about 20 miles an hour.. your still in the breaking in stage. you will probly need to limit your travels to 20mph or less with short burst here and there for the first 300-500 miles

if you don't you will harm you motor as your piston rings and cylinder are not seasoned. You need to let your moped warm up and cool as much as possible under as little stress as possible.

your moped air filter box probly has some knock out peices you can remove or drill holes into it to relieve that back pressure which is cuasing you to slow down.. this will help you also so you don't just remove the air filter... you need it..

but don't do any of that untill the break in period has expired.

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if your dellorto is an SHA (it will say on the side of the carb) order a larger jet from about 1 or 2 sizes larger, i almost seized my Tomos running it without the airbox and not re jetting it. by the way, the dellorto sha carbs are still made and parts are VERY easy to get, they may even have some parts for your engine if its a morini/minarelli, if its one of those brands try they have performance parts for them.


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I didn't remove the actual air filter. Its still intact and clean as a whistle as is the rest of this bike. I did remove the small black box that connects to the air filter. Its strange though...the box only has two pea-sized holes in which to pull air through. Its seems like hardly enough. The carb also has a 52 jet. Should I go larger? ? ? ?

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