1966 Velo Solex parts-East Coast USA

Hi all,

I am new to Moped Army and looking for some help. I got a 1966 Velo Solex for my birthday in April and I am in need of some parts to keep me sane during Covid. I can't seem to find any good sites within the east coast of USA. I am presently in NYC. I was in contact with Brian Solex when I first got the moped in April and I can't seem to find his contact info again. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.

Re: 1966 Velo Solex parts-East Coast USA

E-mail me at: briansolex@live.com

Let me know your engine serial number that is stamped into the crankcase...:


...and what parts you need.

Send a photo or two of your Solex.

p.s. The 14-3-1966 date that is cast into the crankcase is the date of official approval of the Cyclomoteur 3800 engine, and not the date of manufacture.

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