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Just got back from the garage. I couldnt get the alcohol to mix very well with the oil..about half of the oil was on the bottom of the i mixed 100ml ethyl alcohol, 200ml gasoline, and 8ml oil and put it in the tank. Took a tiny bit more effort than normal to start it, but it did start. I noticed that it idled a lot faster than it did with pure gasoline. I took it off the stand and rode it around the neighborhood for a few blocks. Not a huge difference, but i think it did accellerate a bit faster but reached the same top end (though i could just be thinking this because the air hitting my face was very very cold). It most certainly did not run worse though. I held down the choke about halfway the entire time. I definately will need a larger jet if i plan on using alcohol more often. I checked the plug, and it was a nice coffee brown. Tomarrow i'm going to bring some oil to my chemistry teacher and me and him are going to mess around with methanol/ethanol oil solubility and see if we cant get more to dissolve (i havent tried methanol yet..) I'll let everyone know how it all comes out.. this is definately turning out to be an interesting experiment..

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.
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