tried some alcohol

Just got back from the garage. I couldnt get the alcohol to mix very well with the oil..about half of the oil was on the bottom of the i mixed 100ml ethyl alcohol, 200ml gasoline, and 8ml oil and put it in the tank. Took a tiny bit more effort than normal to start it, but it did start. I noticed that it idled a lot faster than it did with pure gasoline. I took it off the stand and rode it around the neighborhood for a few blocks. Not a huge difference, but i think it did accellerate a bit faster but reached the same top end (though i could just be thinking this because the air hitting my face was very very cold). It most certainly did not run worse though. I held down the choke about halfway the entire time. I definately will need a larger jet if i plan on using alcohol more often. I checked the plug, and it was a nice coffee brown. Tomarrow i'm going to bring some oil to my chemistry teacher and me and him are going to mess around with methanol/ethanol oil solubility and see if we cant get more to dissolve (i havent tried methanol yet..) I'll let everyone know how it all comes out.. this is definately turning out to be an interesting experiment..

RE: tried some alcohol

sounds cool. where do you get your alcohol. and have you considered modifying your carb and exaust. my moped was dog slow untill I got a larger manifold so you might want to check into that. if you come acrost a phisics teacher who is willing to help you mod out your moped maybe he could desigh a muffler that creates a vacume to suck fule through faster. these are a few things I've ben looking into myself. I'm in the midle of createing a 1 inch diameter custom manifold. I'll let you know how it works.


RE: tried some alcohol

The alcohol I used was just the denatured ethanol you buy at the hardware store in 1-gallon containers. There is a gas station only a couple blocks from my house that has a methanol pump, but according to the guy inside the station, it hasnt been used in years and probably never will be again. I have yet to try methanol. I'd like to find a station nearby that carries it so that i dont have to be going to the hardware store for moped fuel. As for the carb, I plan to get a larger (15mm probably) carb as soon as i have some extra cash, but for now I'm going to just order a few larger jets to make the mixture more rich (1 mole of gasoline needs 8.5 moles oxygen to fully combust while 1 mole ethanol needs 3 moles oxygen and 1 mole methanol needs 1.5 moles oxygen). With the muffler, i just purchased a Leo vinci exhaust which boosted my performance nicely..

alcohol / oil solubility i tried mixing both regular and synthetic oil with both ethanol and methanol in my chem lab. It really doesnt mix well at all. A bit dissolves, but most of it just beads at the bottom. I think running pure off alcohol is out of the question for mopeds unless you have oil injection. Im going to try and experiment a bit more with gas/alcohol mixes tonight.

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Alcohol as an "extender" for fuel is probably the best you can do. A few years back they tried to market Gasohol which was 10% alcohol with gasoline, but it was more expensive than straight gasoline.

The public bus system here in L.A. bought a fleet of alcohol powered buses a few years back. They sued the manufacturer when they didn't perform as required. The biggest headache was having to refuel them during the day. A diesel would run all day on its fuel tank capacity. Then the engines started to fail within months of service. The company tried to retro-fit diesels into these buses as a solution to the lawsuit.

Don't know if this was agreeable to the city, but you don't see anymore alcohol powered buses on the street any more.


RE: alcohol / oil solubility

Yes, Michael, why don't you prepare a 9:1 Gasohol mixture on your own and forget all that guesswork? Chemists have calculated that long time ago, so if I were you I would just mix that stuff as it should be and enjoy the results. In addition, I think that once the gasohol mixture contains 9 parts of gas, it's gotta be enough for dissolving the oil completely without emulsification.

Good luck with your research!

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