Maxi wire terminal block

hi guys this is my first moped that I just got running, a 78 Puch Maxi. I have a question about where the wire terminal block is supposed to go, mine is attached to a small metal bracket and sits above clutch cover, but it blocks the side cover from fitting on. is it supposed to fit inside side cover or tuck under the frame or something? thanks


Re: Maxi wire terminal block

It should fit under the cover, but it's usually mounted on the side rails. The covers are pretty easy to modify, tho, and you don't need to use all the bolts. You could mount the terminal block into one of the bolt holes and secure the cover using the other two. But I like having the rails on there.


Re: Maxi wire terminal block

thanks man. if anyone needs a new wire block i got one on amazon for $12 that looks just like stock (it is 12 terminal but you can shorten with box cutter), mine was in 2 pieces and filthy.

Re: Maxi wire terminal block

Lowes has those wire blocks as well.

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