Sachs davinci pipe install

john bisonette /

Has anyone installed the davinci pipe idk how the mounting bracket would work. I had the peoplen ns pipe (both from mlm) and it mounted fine. Is it supposed to go on the right or something? Picture is bad but its oriented correctly and you can see the triangle bracket sticks out to the right instead of up trike the peoples pipe


Re: Sachs davinci pipe install

Might be a little easier to assess if you took it out of the plastic .

Re: Sachs davinci pipe install

I agree. I honestly thought my recent pipe purchase would not have mounted when seeing it in the plastic bag, but once I removed the old pipe and put it up under the bike, things matched up just as they should. And if you have to create a bracket for it, that is not a problem. I have had very few aftermarket pipes mount up perfectly.

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