A Teen trying to work on a Moped?!

Hey guys, im new to the moped army and im so excited to be working on my 1980 Suzuki Fs50. Ive come here for guidance on my moped as ive reached a wall in my restoration process that i have no idea how to overcome. You see ive bought a new cylinder head for my moped, unfortunately the actual cylinder got stuck in the cylinder piston gasket Top bit. Ive managed to remove it but its damaged beyond repair and have no idea what to do. Ive already tried looking for new parts but have no idea what works with my moped and is actually compatible. Ive done some research and supposedly this is the bit that can influence your speed? Not to sure about that one but its all i could find. Any suggestions or advice helps as im pretty new to everything there is to know about a moped.

Ive gotten the moped new tires, painted the rims white with a red body, a new battery, new metal light bulb harness, Cylinder head, and thats pretty much it. Still meed to figure out the wiring harness but other then that everything is in tip top shape. Changed the oil, got an oil filter (but forgot where it goes xD)

Re: A Teen trying to work on a Moped?!

Welcome to mopeds. Post a specific question on how to fix something in the repair section and you should get some solid answers.

Re: A Teen trying to work on a Moped?!

Were you trying to say that the head gasket got stuck between the piston and the cylinder. I didn't check yet but I am sure you can still buy top end parts for your moped including base gaskets, head gasket, cylinder, cylinder head, and piston.

Re: A Teen trying to work on a Moped?!

I understand that you have a problem. But your terminology is confusing. If you can, pictures would be a great help. I assume you meant fa50? Treatland.tv is the main moped parts supplier. Along with doscycles.com

From you description it sound like it could be a wedged in gasket, a seized cylinder, jammed rings......it's just hard to tell what you mean.

Also, alot of people here are teens.lol you'll figure it out don't get discouraged. (edited)

Re: A Teen trying to work on a Moped?!

Also, ha dude your in Lynnwood fucking tons of moped people over there. Magic touch mopeds in Seattle may have parts you need if you don't want to shipem. I'm over in Bremerton

Edit-Man I used to pig out at this one teriyaki joint in Lynnwood...bringing back memories... (edited)

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