True or False?

I have a friend who can get any stock moped running from the dead, which is respectable and more than I can say, however, he is trying to convince me that if you want to hit 60 on a moped, that could only be achieved by running trick fuel (race fuel). Is there any truth or logic to that statement ?

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False. My Minarelli V1 race bike hits 55 on kart tracks, and geared low for cornering.

If I changed the gearing for top speed, it'd easily hit 60+ with 93 octane pump gas and klotz benol at 20:1.

Re: True or False?

Do you mean TOP FUEL?!!!

Re: True or False?

Overpriced Parts /

He’s full of BS

87 octane, mild build with a mild pipe, 200 pound rider in a headwind:

Moped was built 12 years ago and still runs

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Roffman, that Magnum XK with lol "only" a mild build and mild pipe was bookin!

If Gods willing, one day Ill get my XK to blast like that. Graham, Trick fuel, race fuel whatever you wanna call the high octane gas. Top Fuel, I've never heard of that before. Learn something new everyday! Hopefully your machined heads will be available at Dos Cycle soon, Im ready to scoop one!

Re: True or False?

Nitro powered funny mopeds

Re: True or False?

> Graham Motzing Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Do you mean TOP FUEL?!!!

be still my heart

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