'Cookie Monster' moped at TCKC, Richland Wa, 7/24/20

Nicholas Scholten /

I had such a blast out on a cart/supermoto track this past Friday. First time getting the bike out and really run in hard. It ran PERFECTLY!

Doesn't look like it as much in the video because of 60fps, but it really did have a respectable amount of low end pull to get my 247lb self moving. Probably another half turn on the springs would help.

I couldn't have asked for a better time out with the Swinger 1 I'm now calling and will be theming Cookie Monster.

92 pump gas running 40:1 Castor 927. Top speed 40mph down the front straight. Never saw the temps get over 250 when checking in the pits.

I don't think the tach was reading right at upwards of 15krpm at times.

1978 J.C. Penney Swinger 1

Suzuki K10 Forks

Treatland 70cc Reed w/SuperSport Head

Matched cases, gaskets, modded piston skirt (opened window to full intake width and deleted bottom portion)

Malossi V1 CF reed

Fixed Bullet exhaust w/1/2" shorter header (too-long header/diffuser flaw fixed)

Clone 21mm PWK 105 main/38 slow

B7HS. Points; 17 degree BTDC

Treatland SuperStuffy Crank

Stock gearing (I think)

Original(?) crusty old Bosch coil

Stock 2 shoe clutch, 10-40 semi-synthetic motorcycle oil


Re: 'Cookie Monster' moped at TCKC, Richland Wa, 7/24/20

Nicholas Scholten /

Also, shameless plug for my friend's awesome mini-moto endurance series here in the PNW. Go give him some love, he runs a fun event.

Cascadia Mini Moto

Re: 'Cookie Monster' moped at TCKC, Richland Wa, 7/24/20

That's great, any time you can get on a track it's a great time. You learn so much about your riding skills and your machine, it really moves you forward.

Re: 'Cookie Monster' moped at TCKC, Richland Wa, 7/24/20

We love TCKT, been out there a few times. The endurance race would be super cool if we got our own moped class. We have flirted with the idea of getting out there this year and at least doing some track days. Unfortunately we have just been so busy, like I haven’t even started either of my race bikes all year. Plus it takes about 3ish hours to get there from here so it’s a full weekend for us to not be completely destroyed from the drive over. First pic is like 5-6 years ago at tri-cities, that bike has been through a lot of changes. Not really a track bike anymore. (edited)


Re: 'Cookie Monster' moped at TCKC, Richland Wa, 7/24/20

I'm friends with one of the endurance race organizers, I keep telling him about mopeds and how we'd probably need our own class. TCKC would be real fun but yeah, been kind of slammed recently

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