tomos tranny help???

well i have a 95' targa lx. the kid that had it put only 1200 miles on it. I bought it about 2 months ago and was having trouble. So the engine on it was bad from sitting for almost 5 years. A friend of mine got in a crash with his 2001 targa lx. and sold me his motor. i switch the motors and everything. he had about 1600 on it. Well ive been riding a lot lately and i now have about 2750. i put that on in like 2 weeks. so i change the gearbox oil. there is a local moped store near me so i bought the oil they had. its PJ1 clutchtuner. i dont know if anyone knows that stuff. but it works really well. so i drained the oil from the gear box than refilled it with the new one. i couldnt get the screw of the side soo i could only use the one at the top. if anyone has a tomos A-35 you should know what im talking about. well i dont know if i put wo much in. i put about 300-350ml. now when i ride the shitfting is very long and loud. does anybody have any idea what the hell i did. the ped was fine until i changed the oil....did i put to much in??



Re: tomos tranny help???

Reeperette /

220 ml's

Too much will make shifting very hard, yes.

Supposed to use Dexron type III ATF in there, but if what you use works well for you, go for it.


Re: tomos tranny help???

its gear box oil they sell at the moped store and they said it works well in the tomos engine. so who knows...thanks tho

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