E50 pinto help please.

So if you you guys could maybe shed some light on my pinto. Hold that would be awesome. It’s all stock motor, not kitted. 12 mm bing. I have the circuit pipe for aftermarket that’s it. Well, the bike starts and idles first kick everytime. I runs and rides great, except when I have to start from a dead stop. Especially on a little up hill, the bike won’t move. The motor is working to do it but it feels like it has no power. Once you hit 10 mph it takes of and is great though. I think it may be the clutch because the back wheel spins fairly aggressively on the center stand and I got zero rev up before the clutch grabs. Weird thing is when I take the stock 2 shoe clutch out and adjust the springs, it makes no difference. Even if I turn the screws all the way in, I get no rev up before I take off. Clutch seems to be in great shape and everything is assembled in the correct order. To be clear, it doesn’t sound like the bike is bogging down like it’s not running right. You just give it full throttle from a stop and the bike just struggles to even move sometimes.

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Did you jet it? Could be running lean

Re: E50 pinto help please.

I didn’t jet it yet. It was actually running rich so I moved the clip on the needle and put the pipe on. The plug looks better now.

Re: E50 pinto help please.

Check your tranny fluid? Could be some clutch issue.

Re: E50 pinto help please.

Sounds like it's lean and not able to make the power. Adding a circuit pipe to an otherwise stock setup should require a larger main jet

Re: E50 pinto help please.

Probably Fred /

Sounds like it possibly could be at one HP or 1.5 HP which needs to be up to 2 hp specs,

Thick springs like super stiffy kickstart springs would be an improvement but if the bike was at my house it would rip to Hi 30s To 40 mph in a few hrs because Jetting/timing/tuning and gearing jetting means everything!

The one jet off or one needle clip selection off and or or timing off and your bike is a dog

But if you’re not you could rip beating small compact cars to 40 mph!

Puch brand mopeds are about the most easiest mopeds there are yet the most hardest

Re: E50 pinto help please.

Roffman, that puch sounds so good and looks like it moves pretty quick!

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