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As a background I have a ct90 and a vespa grande

The ct90 is nice cause a healthy one will cruise in the upper 30s all day long and top out 45-55 depending on its condition. Parts are avalible all over for the ct90, and they will run for ever with minimal maintenance. They have a huge rear rack that milk crates ziptie on perfect to. With a good exhaust they are quiet. And the big one IMO is youre not restricted as to where you can ride (at least here in ca)

As long as its not a freeway

Down side to a ct90 would be cost, here in ca a clean bike can bring 2500, a runner that needs cosmetic work can bring 1200-1500. Owning a vespa grande, trail 90 (ct90) and motorized bikes, id get on the ct90 first if i was looking for reliable transportation, im not sure about long distance tho I've put 2500 miles on my ct in 18 months, never more than about 10 at a time. (edited)

Re: Moped for Long Distance Travel


> Tri-ped Dave Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Not a moped but honestly there is a reason why the Honda Cub 50 and it's

> successor the Passport 70 were and are the most produced 2 wheel vehicle

> in history. They are rock reliable, and can cruise at 40 all day

> effortlessly. If I wanted something small that I could put miles and

> miles and miles on without issue, this is the smart choice.

you're statement is partially right, the honda cub is the most produced vehicle not just motorcycle 🤪

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