Adding turn signals to Intramotor Gloria Blanco

Emmarose McCoig /

Hello! I am new to working on my Intramotor Gloria and I would really like to add turn signals to it! I'm having trouble finding any leads on the internet that show how to install turn signals to a moped that doesn't already come with turn signals and the connections. Any advise would be super helpful!


Re: Adding turn signals to Intramotor Gloria Blanco

It’s a little more than just adding wires and the actual blinkers. If you are really set on having turn signals, (no car is ever going to actually pay attention to what you are doing at 25mph) then I would search for a battery powered set. There is a brand called “Cat Eyes” that was an accessory that was designed for mopeds. Just my 2 cents

Re: Adding turn signals to Intramotor Gloria Blanco

Probably Fred /

Ya cateye brand is easiest to add on just one wire hookup to headlight switch or circuit (yellow/positive on many mopeds) and then are grounded through mounts on handlebars most of the times I got them on most of my bikes,

I like the black box ones better then the beige box ones because they have large rectangle lights and they beep so you know if they’re on while the beige box one have round smaller lights and don’t beep to warn you if you left them on but still good


You’re gonna need to buy a good used or nos set and replace the rechargeable cells maybe rebuild it or change the flasher,

You may be able to find the smaller cheap set cateye made that takes 4 flashlight batteries in a battery pack that almost looks like it was made for a bicycle

But the lights were smaller and not as bright and no charge hook up so you have to replace the batteries when they go dead or and be careful if you accidentally leave them on

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