mike ohio /

It has been almost a week now since one of my mopeds was stolen. 5 star general in huber heights. any suggestions.


The week point is where you have to start getting worried. Check with the local police to see if they've had any luck on your case. They probably would of called if they had, but this will remind them of you in any case. Also, if they found any mopeds with identification ripped off then you might be able to go claim it.

At this point I usually count on the police, as it shows that my efforts on my own haven't been too successful. It might be stashed somewhere that they find when doing other police work.

Mark, a Decepticon, had a similar situation a couple of years go. The police found it two weeks later in the basement of a drug house they were busting.

good luck - keep looking.



mike ohio /

I know it was a bounch of little boys. The krogers reported that some kids were racing a moped in the parking lot. I have been driving alot . but no luck

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