couple weird things on puch maxi

I recently got a 78 project maxi. someone did a half-ass replacement of the petcock with an elbow (marked "CHINA") that has no off/off switch, and they ground off the end so the fuse hose can fit (in photo it is covered with a cap). i can't tell how it is secured to tank, I don't see any JB weld around it or anything. I'm scared to try to remove it because it doesn't leak now and could get damaged. I added an inline fuel shut off.

the other thing is a question, there are brackets on each side of handlebars (center of photo) that have nothing attached to them, not sure what they were for? maybe turn signals or mirrors?


Re: couple weird things on puch maxi

Leave the tank alone , as long as it doesn't leak .

The brackets on the handlebar are most likely for a windshield , But could be used for straight stemmed mirrors .

Re: couple weird things on puch maxi

The piece they added to your tank is called a street 90. It is a plumbing part and has a tapered thread. They most likely damaged the original threads by adding it. If it doesn't leak and you dont mind it then I would leave it. The other brackets on your bars are for mirrors or a windshield (edited)

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