Puch Magnum LTD Helmet

Wow, this helmet is absolutely dripping with style, if money was no object, I would purchase it in a heartbeat. Its that sick. What do you guys have for helmets? Anything as cool as this?


Re: Puch Magnum LTD Helmet

LTD #003 was just found but I don’t think the numbers correspond with the bikes #. It’s kind of ugly too.

Re: Puch Magnum LTD Helmet

are they legit though?

treats is literally the only place ive ever seen pictures of #003

Re: Puch Magnum LTD Helmet

I'm thinking the price of $10,000 makes this a hoax ad.

Re: Puch Magnum LTD Helmet

It exists. I remember rodney wore it at a creature rally.

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