Only 483 Miles for A 1982 Yellow QT

So I guess they're getting closer! I've had it a couple weeks now so some of the work has been done. Needs a lot, maybe borderline parts unit but there's no turning back now! Some of the stuff done so far: clean fuel system, get stuck choke plunger out of carb while cleaning carb, which explains broken choke cable and broken choke knob on left controls, new tires, needed new rear axle and pinion shaft bearings ( rusted ), seized rear brake, throttle and speedo cables, stripped speedo gear, bent handlebar post, rear signals rusted up inside, bent front carrier, pulser coil melted main ground wire I think from water/rust in magneto, instrument cluster bulbs bad, missing frame decals, shredded seat cover, and some more misc. little things. It should be a nice one once completed.


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