Crazy Start Issue

Larry Marshall /

I have a 2016 Tao Tao. She runs great but has a crazy start issue. I can no longer crank up while holding the rear brakes. If I hold the rear brakes she will crank but won't start. But if I apply the front brakes she starts right up with no issues. I thought if might be the brake switch but when I apply rear brakes the brake light comes on. Any feedback?

Re: Crazy Start Issue

Just torch that piece of shit and buy a moped.

Re: Crazy Start Issue

Prob a short, don't worry about it. This is a moped site, not a scooter site, we are into vintage pedal start 2 stroke mopeds here. Try a dedicated scooter site, you will get more accurate information. That brand is not known for it's quality, be happy it is still running. If you like scooters, I recommend a Honda, Yamaha, Vespa or Kymco. All of these makes are of much better quality, and will provide you with years of reliable service. Best of luck.

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