The old guard

In a whim I jumped on the Netflix old guard train, not even a minute in and theres a moby. Sweeet!

Re: The old guard

I scored two mobys of from my old boss years back, for free. A yellow 50v, and 40t. Should have kept them but just got so overwhelmed with them I had no idea what to do but sell them. At the time I did know that even a lightly tuned Moby can blast. Should have kept them, like the free hobbit I got too. Oh well, live and learn.. I guess?

Re: The old guard

Born to be WillD /

Sweet! Originally thought it was a peugeot, maybe it was, I should go back but I'm still watching it now lol

Re: The old guard

Yeah...just saw it last night.

He left the moby in the alley - won’t last long

Re: The old guard



Re: The old guard

It's a Pug!

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