Plz Help Everyone

I can't stop wondering if there is a thing made on MOST every moped that allows you to de-restrict it like by taking out a screw or something. If anyone knows if there is a way to do that plz help then. I know that most all scooters though you can easily de-govern and de-restrict it but I can't help wondering if there is on a moped. I have'nt heard anyone do that but just put a diff exhaust on or change the carb or cylinder. If ya have any suggestions plz post them.

be specific

Name what moped you have so people who have that one MIGHT be able to give ideas.

and NO... they don't have a screw you take out to make them go faster.

Re: Plz Help Everyone

Fred is right, it varies by brand/model. For example I used to collect Batavus which uses diff. carbs for diff. speed from the same engine but now I collect Derbis which came with restrictions in the exhaust to restrict speed. Let this forum know what you've got (or are thinking about getting) and you'll get plenty of good advice-I always have-Jim

C'mon Fred

Go ahead and tell him about "the screw", he seems sincere.

Sorry Dave, Fred's got this "thing" about making sure that people are serious and responsible about their 'ped before he will tell them about "the screw" and how to adjust it for speed. He doesn't want a bunch of people getting hurt by their suddenly powerful mopeds.

If it's any help. I think yours is under the left flux capacitor.

Good Luck!

Re: C'mon Fred

david f martin /

Dave, there is no screw that you're talking about. If you want your ped to go faster, you'll have to buy some parts from one of our performance moped parts places and hire one of our performance moped mechanics. It's gonna cost ya, buddy.

Mope, we only discuss the screw on the clubs exclusive X-tech forum. You are now under double secret probation.


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