Tomas Targa A35 Moped

Anybody know someone in the Greensburg, Pa area that works on Mopeds. I e tried to reach out to the few in Greensburg that own or did own a Moped but no results. Thanks


Re: Tomas Targa A35 Moped

You should download an online shop manual . Lotta free ones out there. Myronsmopeds, sundaymorningmotors, . Looks good, hope it's running.

Re: Tomas Targa A35 Moped

Wow that targa looks really clean! It's exactly like mine, down to the wheels and colors. That is, before I fucked it up by wrecking it several times.

Re: Tomas Targa A35 Moped

Yea, it has 207 miles on it. I've rode it over the years around the town. (edited)

Re: Tomas Targa A35 Moped

Looks dusty. Just drain the gas, clean the carb, fresh gas, fresh spark plug. Cruise in style.

Re: Tomas Targa A35 Moped

♣Slew Foot♣ /

Its the switch lol...

Start with Fred's guide in the wiki...

Re: Tomas Targa A35 Moped

Its leaking gas but not from the tank.

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