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The site IS performing differently lately, than it has in the past. Simon just made a physical move---Perhaps he moved the server? I've often wondered where all the info here is backed up.... if simon's serving this up, or if the whole content is hosted, etc.

perhaps sell a cd-copy of the forum archives... woooooo that'd be cool.

Don't complain.... some of these folks are still dialing up. And for free....? I'm kidding with you... you know, looking a gift horse in the mouth and all.

I'm on RR as well.....So I do know what you mean.

And, for a long time, clicking "latest posts" on my browser bar, meant INSTANT loading. I always wondered the logistics of the site's data....for a long time it was great, super snappy reflex time. It has been slower lately, but after the DotCom bubble burst hosting fees increased.....I never bothered to ask Simon.

Is it in the main forum or recent posts you see the delay? Simon said there was a delay caused by the 'float to top' feature... but I see it stall out on 'recent posts' from time to time. I'm hooked...if it took twenty minutes to load, i'd still wait for it.


I still need to have the wife make a paypal to support the site.....I just lit a fire under her butt... she's on her machine now, making a 20.00 donation to help with site costs.

I've been meaning to do it, since the link was put up. Since I always hotlink to recent posts I don't see the PayPal logo.. we talked about adding that link for a long time before it actually happened.... easy to forget if you don't see it.

Not everyone can afford to throw down 20$ but as soon as Fred saves you 250$ in mechanics fees..... well..... just remember where you got the information.

(no, don't send the money to Fred-- you're missing the point!!)


This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.
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