Some general questions about mopeds.

Hello! I've got an fa50 I'm in the process of partially restoring, and I have a few questions I'd be interested to see if anyone can answer:

1) is there a way for me to insure the crank is clean without splitting the case? (when I got it, the Reed valve housing was not tightened. Took it off, and there was dirt in the walls leading up to the crank)

2) do I need to replace my Reed valve housing o ring thing? It seems fine, but I'm not sure if there's supposed to be a gasket as well, or what.

3) how do I insure that the little screws holding the reeds in do not vibrate lose and fall in the crank when running? It's got lock washers, but those see far from fool proof, and now mine are kindve flat and used. Lock tight maybe?

If anyone can answer any of those questions, I'd much appreciate it. I can't really move forward much until I decide if I need to split the case. Thanks

Re: Some general questions about mopeds.

Emil Kniemel /

These appear to be very specific questions about a very specific noped.

Re: Some general questions about mopeds.

Well I suppose its a good thing that they're not then.. Lol. Any moped with Reed valves (or, anything with Reed valves for that matter) has them held on with 2 little screws. Directly under said reed valves is the crank, which is designed the same... On almost all 2 strokes.

Somone who only knows about the yamaha yz250 could answer my questions.

So again, I suppose it's a good thing that my questions, in fact, are not model specific.

Re: Some general questions about mopeds.

Dirty30 Dillon /

1) Not really, best bet is just to flush the crankcase out with solvent and leave it at that.

2) The FA has a rubberized reed body, if it's deteriorated, then replace it. If it looks fine, than leave it. You can always clean the area and use a very light coating of non-hardening aviation sealant to ensure a good seal.

3) Loc-Tite is the obvious answer and should be fine.

I mean no offense by this, but given the questions asked I would suggest you do not split the cases on the FA. There are quite a few moving parts in that transmission that will be a headache for someone not used to working on them. I would suggest getting everything back together on the intake side, and working from there.

Re: Some general questions about mopeds.

No offense taken. I'm not nearly as inept in this field as I come across. i believe I know the answers to all of the above questions (and your answers reflect my knowledge), but the funny thing about knowing something, is you can easily be wrong; so I always confirm things unless I have direct experience doing a specific thing more than 1 time with no ill effects.

Splitting a crank is not much of an issue for me, but I thank you for your advice

Re: Some general questions about mopeds.

Tri-ped Dave O.D.B. /

I would split the case. Splitting the crank can be expensive

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