Honda Cub C102

How hard is it to convert a kickstart Cub to electric? Same year 1965. There’s a seller 20 miles that has a running C102 for $300, it looks like a rusty piece of junk,rattle can paint job from a 4year old kid , most of the parts are there and a running motor alone should make it a bargain, Im not to good at electrical so wondering how difficult the conversion would be. Thanks

Re: Honda Cub C102

When running properly, they are an easy push start. A good running push rod Honda 50 doesn't need a k/s spindle... or a battery.

Re: Honda Cub C102

Pushrod Fifty /

I think the case may be different. You will need the starter clutch which is rare. Also a bigger battery, solenoid, etc.

Just shift to second and keep the lever down, push off and release the lever it will fire right up.

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