Do I need to hone my cylinder?

Bought an fa50, took off the jug to inspect it aswell as the bottom end. There was a little bit of alluminium build up from the piston which I too some scotch Brite too, worked pretty well.

There is a little but of scoring, but very little to nothing which can be felt. Also has 110 psi of compression, which is very good for those not familiar with this bike, so I'm thinking it should be that risky to just put it back together (with new gaskets of course) and run it as is.



Re: Do I need to hone my cylinder?

Home no but I would deglaze it. Same basics but much less taken from the cylinder.

Re: Do I need to hone my cylinder?

Jeff ,

Home is where your mom is .

Hone is what you do to a cylinder to come closer to perfection . ;)

Adam ,

Unless you're installing new rings , I'd run that cylinder as is . Cleaned , of course .

The more you take out , the less you'll have , compression wise .

Not to mention that the rings are worn to the cylinder as is .

If you remove the glaze , which is actually doing a hone job , the rings will wear more as they conform to the new cylinder surface .

Less compression .

Re: Do I need to hone my cylinder?

deglaze done right will increase compression and yes the rings will wear more.The rings will seat rather then slide over the bore. Home lol doh

Re: Do I need to hone my cylinder?

Seems to me you have your brakes and cylinders mixed up . ;)

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