Yamaha champ

I just picked up a Yamaha champ. Can't look it up through the VIN number. Not sure if it's a model 3d or 2. It needs some parts in order to run. Thanks for any help you can provide and some direction to go!

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sooooo cooooooool

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Thank you for posting a picture, you don't know how often people make these posts and never post pictures expecting us to know what model their bike is lol

That being said I've never had a champ so I can't help you, but these things are really fucking cool

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Looks like maybe a 1977 LB80 3D .

The 2AD has a tubular frame

3D parts fiche :


And , maybe a service manual :


Re: Yamaha champ

Re: Yamaha champ

Thanks, not so cool trying to get parts! I restored a roached out 74 CT70 and you can find parts all day long. Not so much with this one.


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Anyone know where to get parts for a champ? Need at least cylinder and head, intake manifold and Reed cage. Would also like a carb. The one that's on it is off a pw80.

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