what kind of oil goes into the trans

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what kind of oil should i put into my tranny

atf , 20-50 ,motor oil ,gear oil

Re: what kind of oil goes into the trans

My Derbi Variant manual says 20w50 but I guess it might depend on what you've got.-Jim

Re: what kind of oil goes into the trans

Mine takes ATF Type F. The best thing is to get yourself a manual or ask about the specific ped you have.


Re: what kind of oil goes into the trans

you need to specifiy what moped you have.

minarelli engines take sae non-detergent 20 weight

garellli engines take sae non-detergent 30 weight

puch and sachs take type f transmission fluid

not sure about anything else.

Then, again...


You seem to know quite a bit more about the Minarelli engines than I but, once again, the Cimatti manual differs with you. In fact, on this subject it even differs with itself!

In the section about lubrication, it specifies "SAE 10W 30" for the transmission oil bath. In the Maintenance Schedule in the back of the manual, it specifies "SAE 20-30."

What the...?

I've been using SAE 20 or 30 (non-detergent). No problems yet in 3,300 miles.


hmm i think

flannelman /

well i got a 78 express with nc50 motor and i look at the manual it doesnt say what to use

so i got a little angry and just put in 10-30 i think it will work just fine i just need it to last the summer any ways then i going to do a complete tear down

Re: hmm i think

the minarelli engine manuals call for sae 20 non-detergent. but we've used 30 weight sometimes. you can also in a major major emergency, use type f transmission fluid. but drain that right away and get the right stuff in.

i think 10-30w should be ok, since 20 is in the middle. but i've never had trouble w/ 20 weight or 30 weight, but i try to use 20 weight whenever possible. i get mine from a locally owned hardware store (gale's) made by master mechanic. i try to not use anything but that. it's pure sae 20 non-detergent.

use gear oil in those weights instead

use 30weight gear oil, like dirtbikes use, they also have it in 20 and 10w30 weights as well, filled both my tomos AND avanti with the 10w30 kind, damn those things are quiet & shift well now! its great stuff, like engine oil made specially for bike transmissions, ask at your local motorcycle shop for the kind you need, im sure they will have it.


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