Another No Vin Bike

In my latest Questionable Choice™ I picked up a '1990 Puch Maxi' which turned out to be a 1980 Tomos A35. It runs better than it looks, starts on the first kick every time, but I cannot find a VIN anywhere and I didn't bother to get a title or transferable registration. I live pretty far out in the Boroughs of NYC so I could probably get away with riding dirty and not getting papers, but I'd rather not tempt the wrath of the NYPD.

I know of the Vermont method of getting the thing titled but I am not sure what to do with having no VIN. I love to ride this so I would rather not sell it if I didn't have to, any tips?


Re: Another No Vin Bike

Eric Davenport /

Maybe use the engine number as the vin

Re: Another No Vin Bike

I have heard of that option, not entirely sure where the engine number is. I'll be doing some digging on that.

Re: Another No Vin Bike

Harbor freight number stamp kits are cheap.

Re: Another No Vin Bike

I thought it was stamped on the engine mount area?

Re: Another No Vin Bike

Probably Fred /

Make one one up!

Re: Another No Vin Bike

I've looked around with no luck, I think it was sanded and painted

Re: Another No Vin Bike

Pushrod Fifty /

Could be stamped on the headstock or somewhere around the swingarm bolt.

Re: Another No Vin Bike

Beach Club Nick /

Looks like the VIN plate was removed here. I had a rattlecanned black tomos when I was 15 that I couldnt find the VIN on and turns out it was just painted over


Re: Another No Vin Bike

Ѭ ɞŦЯʚOluv Ѫѫ /

Who would win?

One mopedder vs one grindy boi?

Re: Another No Vin Bike

♣Slew Foot♣ /

Myrons has a VIN decoder for TOMOS.

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