16mm Malossi carb for Puch

I was looking at 50cc.nl for bigger carbs for my Puch. It already has a performance exhaust. People talk about 15mm carbs a lot, but what if I got a 16mm? Is that too much? And this Malossi kit, has weird wires and springs in it that I have no idea what they are.

Picture attached

Any help is appreciated.


Re: 16mm Malossi carb for Puch

I have the 16mm Malossi kit, I have had it for a little over a month, the spring is used to hook up the choke. When you order the carb kit make sure you order a smaller jets. The stock kit comes with a size 82. I have a speed kit with a pipe and it runs rich on my bike.

Re: 16mm Malossi carb for Puch

another thing to consider, two speed bikes require a taller intake so the carburator clears the crankcase. it looks like the intake sits pretty low on that kit. you might end up needing a spacer to make the intake taller.

Re: 16mm Malossi carb for Puch

Yeah it is relly low. I also had to do some fileing to make the it fit. But the intake and cylider holes are different, the intake is circle and the cylinder is oval I have some major porting to do. I hope it will help.

Bing 15mm

Wow good things to consider, thanks.

I'm also looking at a Bing 15mm. A little simpler, maybe. I hadn't thought about the Malossi's fitting weird, I wonder if a 15mm bing will be different.

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