Garelli VIP 2 speed Rare Parts hunt

Hey all, im on the hunt for some rare parts for my metalic blue 1979 garelli vip 2 speed. I have had the bike for a few years now but im just starting to get into the rare parts so im looking for suggestions from people who know of rare things I should look into getting or Id be willing to buy rare parts from people if they have something.

the things I have are the oil injector,

front and rear cargo racks

thats all i have for now, does anyone happen to know if the garellis came with a bike pump like some mopeds do?

somethings specific im looking for is hard cover saddle bags, Ive seen them once and trying to find them again.

one more thing, does anyone know about sanding the clutches on these bikes? ive heard of it a couple times now im curious.

Thank you everyone in advance!

Re: Garelli VIP 2 speed Rare Parts hunt

Not seen a bike pump on a garelli, but that doesnt mean they dont exist. Nor have I seen garelli specific saddle bags. Maybe others will mount up easily.

Clutches are rubber in this bike. Dont sand anything. You will probably need to replace them and the little vibration dampening nipples in there too. But if your shifting fine and the bike isnt always engaged, meaning the pedals move the bike but does not kick over the engine unless the clutch lever is pulled. If it all feels of I would avoid getting into the tranny until needed.

Re: Garelli VIP 2 speed Rare Parts hunt

Ya since the clutches are rubber that is why I was confused when people were talking about sanding them, I used safety wire to put that cap back instead of the dampening nipples since i couldn't get any of them. I have seen people use rivets and bolts to keep it on as well. One thing I have noticed since I got it running again is more vibration at higher rpm close to top speed it shouldn't be from the safety wire though, ill just have to diagnose later if no one else has that same issue.

Re: Garelli VIP 2 speed Rare Parts hunt

ive got a pretty torn up set of garelli specific saddle bags. they look ok on the out side, but the back has wear holes and rips. those dampener nipple can be found on ebay. they come from india. i need to order a set soon for my noi 2sp.

Re: Garelli VIP 2 speed Rare Parts hunt

any chance you can send some pics? so i can know what to look for on my hunt.

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