Re: Electrical revamp of puch maxi

Probably Fred /
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The horn is a switch issue

I think completely different I rather fix then gut and start from scratch especially if it was my only bike

LEDs, Different coils, rectifiers, regulator, batteries and a complete rewire with all switches, brake light switches (Stock brake light switches are normally closed as well as horn switch) Light/bulb holders are going to take a long time to experiment around with and you will have some issues and failures, if you want to take the time and experiment, have fun that’s fine but if you want something quick it’s not gonna happen,

Can’t beat stock wiring setup for reliability so just fix it or make a post on buy+sell for a wiring harness for your year bike, not sure if your bike has the six wire Stator or not but you should be able to find the wiring schematic from a link in wiki,

All my bikes have variations of the six wire system so Son and I just took a bare maxi frame and put a good condition stock maxi MKII wiring harness, switches rear mount coil etc and put a speed Za50 engine on it and turning the bike into a maxi MKII, Putting the harness on including to the rear lights and headlight and horn didn’t take long at all


If you had a game the whole harness put a new one on if I could only be down for a day and if you just follow the schematic and fix it your bike wouldn’t be down long at all OK so the culprit could be the horn switch because it supposed to be normally closed and if it’s corroded then it will let ignition voltage go through it that’s how the horn works through the ignition on most puchs

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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