batavus whippet model

anyone tried to put the moped together at ?

its in german, but i got most of it done...still a few i don't know about...

RE: batavus whippet model

No, it's not in German, it's in Dutch!

Please don't confuse the Dutch with the Germans, most Dutch people don't like the Germans very much.

RE: batavus whippet model

Derrick Edwards /

This may be a stupid question. But is this an actual Batavus model? or just a made up name for the cutout.

RE: batavus whippet model

Simon King /

I can't say that I have. We've had that photo for a long time - but I also have a really nice cutout and fold of a building that I've been meaning to put together for a while too and haven't -- i guess I should try it out, could be really neat sitting around.

Have you put it together?

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