McCullough / SHA / Encarwi throttle control

I have both types of AMF mopeds, the friction drive chain saw motor and the Minarelli V1. Both use the same throttle control. The friction drive does not have a kill switch.

My V1 is missing a kill switch, but there is a connector on the handlebar, and when I connect the two wires, the motor shuts off.

It looks like the there is a button that you press on the control that allows you to push the cable forward to either activate the choke and/or kill the engine.

This control MIGHT stall the friction drive, but since the V1 has a SHA 14:12 with lever choke, it isn't going to make any difference when you push forward on the cable.

I definitely need a kill switch for the V1 bike, unless I want to pull off the plug wire or cover the holes on the air box every time I want to shut off the bike.

Is this how the Magura throttle on a Tomos with the Encarwi carb works? You push that little button, which allows you to push the throttle control forward, which in turn allows you to turn on the choke?

Basically, would the AMF throttle control work on a Tomos with an Encarwi carb?


Re: McCullough / SHA / Encarwi throttle control

♣Slew Foot♣ /

There's a choke plate with a cable hook

The encarwi had a manual cable choke.

Ditto sha the also have the manual choke plate as an option.

Put them two wires on a doorbell or auto horn replica. Universal momentary switch.

The kill just diverts the ht coil to ground.

Re: McCullough / SHA / Encarwi throttle control

Should work the same on either bike with a cable choke carb on there. But I am not familiar with that mechanism. Choking a bike with a cable/lever is the same as putting your hand over the airbox.

Re: McCullough / SHA / Encarwi throttle control

Off topic. I want that Red Blanco!

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